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Five Songs You Might Not Otherwise Have Heard Today – Halloween Edition

The band ANR covers this song on their new free Halloween mixtape, and now I’ve been obsessively replaying both their version and John Cale’s original every chance I get.  I love anything that sounds at first like a jaunty pop song and then starts showing its cracks.

The amazing British freakbeat band The Attack recorded this intense single during some abandoned album sessions in 1968.

Someone sent me a review copy of this prolific but sadly obscure Indiana band’s first EP around 2005, and this has been stuck in my head ever since. It sounds like a very sweet folk-pop song but the lyrics play out like an X-Files episode.

I saw these guys live a little before their second album came out, and they played this song for what seemed like 20 minutes, bringing up openers Architecture in Helsinki and Takka Takka to make it extra cacophonous. The album version didn’t really capture the frenzied European cult ritual sound but this French radio broadcast gets closer.

I love this dark, operatic version Scott Walker did of Jacques Brel’s “La Mort,” I’m not sure why I don’t see it around as often as “Jackie” or “30th Century Man.”


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