Comics & Coffee: 8/29/12 and 9/5/12 (Even Later Edition)

Wednesday is a day to buy new comics and drink coffee.

I missed last week due to this undefeatable virus I’ve had and Dragon*Con preparations, so I’ll just have to make like The Thing and do 2-in-1. This week starts off another transparent and pretty much ridiculous across-the-board marketing gimmick from DC — all their rebooted titles, just barely a year old, will be getting #0 issue to represent a new jumping-on point for anyone who may have missed the last jumping-on point. I think the problems with this line of thinking are self-evident, but as usual, I’m sure there will be some perfectly enjoyable comics to come out of it along with some perfectly horrible ones. The ones I’d grab for sure are Animal Man and Swamp Thing, and I’ll probably take a look at Action Comics, Dial H, Green Arrow, GI Combat, Phantom Stranger (which I believe is the only brand-new series coming out of Zerogate), and maybe a few of the others as well. You can also grab new issues of Sweet Tooth and Deadpool, two series that have absolutely nothing in common except that I like them and they are both beginning to wind down long runs, and the next-to-last issue of Marvel’s The Muppets, which has been collecting the last unpublished work Roger Langridge did with that franchise before Boom! lost its contract with it. A couple of new miniseries of note are Fashion Beast, a strangely under-reported adaptation of a screenplay Alan Moore developed with the Sex Pistols’ Malcolm McLaren in the mid-’80s, and The Road to Oz, the latest in the ongoing attempts by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young to bring all of L. Frank Baum’s children’s books to comics in the handsomest way possible. Also, IDW continues to put out one-shot “micro-series” for every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character. I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to them so far but they have my number this week with Fugitoid, a character I like enough to most likely buy anything with his image on it. Also from IDW this week is another round of Bud Sagendorf reprints in Classic Popeye #2, which I didn’t realize was going to be ongoing when I called out #1 earlier in this column.

Last week saw another of the TMNT Micro-Series releases, that one focusing on April. Like the Fugitoid issue, it’s from a creative team I’m not familiar with but it looks nice at a glance. If nothing else, those one-shots get you a lovely David Petersen cover for everyone in that universe you can think of. There’s also the third and final issue of the Infernal Man-Thing mini-series Marvel has been putting out based on a “lost script” by Steve Gerber. It looks like a hardcover collecting the full story (and presumably some ephemera) is on the way as well. The big, obvious grabs for me are Axe Cop: President of the World #2, from another three-issue series (the second of its kind for Dark Horse’s new material branched out from the beloved webcomic), and Popeye #4, which originally was going to be the last of Roger Langridge’s new Popeye material but I believe it’s being extended into an ongoing series. Others from last week I’d say are at least worth a quick look in the store: The first post-reboot Flash Annual, written and drawn by the excellent artist Francis Manapul, Steed and Peel #0, which kicks off some new adventures of “the other Avengers,” written by Mark Waid, Prophet #28, which is the latest in Brandon Graham’s unique attempt to revitalize Rob Liefeld’s sci-fi odyssey as a surreal, art-focused indie flagship, and The Goon #41, which apparently marks the beginning of a new commitment to regular, monthly issues for the long-running cult series which, based on the backup feature drawn by Mark Buckingham, could be easing Eric Powell’s workload by alternating in some neat guests.

Not a lot jumps out at me in trades and OGNs, save a couple of hardcover collections I don’t know a lot about but sound intriguing and look very attractive: Dal Tokyo, which collects a bunch of Gary Panter sci-fi strips originally published in Japan, and Heartless, a compilation of recent work by the Toronto-born, Yugoslavia-raised, Kim Deitch-esque cartoonist Nina Bunjevac.

Normally this is where I’d link to some previews and other recommendations, but some of those links get a little complex past the week they’re intended for, so I’ll be lazy and end it here. I pick up my comics from Richard’s in Greenville, SC, and I pick up my coffees from Coffee & Crema, though I can’t remember what I drank there the last couple Wednesdays. More next time.


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