Comics & Coffee: 8/22/12 (Super Late Edition)

I’ve been sick all week so I’m catching up today. Wednesday, of course, was a day to read new comics and drink coffee, though I did less of the former and more of the latter this week. I keep attempting to catch up with my reading enough that I can fold some quick, functional reviews into this column, but today’s not the day. When I feel comfortable enough that I won’t be spreading germs on everything I flip through, I’ll be picking up the latest Mind MGMT, Adventure Time, Unwritten, and above all Batman Incorporated, which has just been destroying since its post-reboot comeback. This third issue is particularly exciting since it features the always-welcome alter-ego Matches Malone. I’ll most likely start picking up the new Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom miniseries from the very appropriate team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. Others I might pick up after a conditional glance-over: The number 12s of The Flash (which could turn into a big-deal comic as soon as the story innovations match Francis Manapul’s fantastic page designs), Justice League Dark (which I hope eventually reaches the full potential of a gothic misfit superteam under writer Jeff Lemire), and All Star Western (which is forever hit-and-miss for me, stretching back to when it was still Jonah Hex). IDW’s Mars Attacks revival hits its third issue; that looks like a permanent pull for me, but I haven’t read the last two issues I bought to confirm that it’s as fun as it seems to be. The extra-thick third(?) wave of Dark Horse Presents reaches #15 with another chapter of Mike Baron and Steve Rude’s Nexus among other interesting things, though now that I see Dark Horse is diligently releasing one-shot floppies of full collected stories, the $8 price tag on the anthology version is increasingly unattractive. In the big, handsome, hardcover collection category, you can get the latest Fantagraphics Peanuts book, collecting strips from 1985 and 1986, with a foreword by Patton Oswalt, or the massive Invisibles Omnibus, collecting one of Grant Morrison’s most career-defining runs. I haven’t read any of that and would love to, but it won’t be in a $120 brick.

Last week I posted the November solicitations for Marvel and DC, now you can find them from IDW, Dark Horse, and Image.

You can find a full list of releases here, a mess of previews here, and some guided shopping lists here and here.

I pick up my comics from Richard’s in Greenville, SC. Today’s coffee was an orange/vanilla/cinammon latte from Coffee & Crema, though I’ve been pouring so much coffee and tea on my blistered throat this week that I could say a hundred different things here. More comics next week, hopefully on time.


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