Routine Check 8/10/12

– There’s a big batch of could-be-good, could-be-a-waste-of-everyone’s-time movies opening today, the kind of movies that clog up the works when people are trying to catch up on movies at list-making season. All-star political comedy The Campaign is probably the market leader, and will probably/hopefully be funnier than its promotional materials; elsewhere, there’s a number of unexpected semi-sequels with The Bourne Legacy (which loses a lot of ingredients but gains some others, so might be a draw), 2 Days in New York (which appears to unnecessarily follow up a movie I liked a lot by removing most of what I liked about it, but who knows?), and Red Hook Summer (which probably can’t be called a sequel as much as a distant cousin of Do the Right Thing, but I’m strangely excited to see Spike Lee play Mookie again). Mostly, I’m still waiting on Killer Joe, as well as the Sixto Rodriguez documentary Searching for Sugar Man, which conveniently has its expansion dates listed here.

– Speaking of movies normal people won’t have access to for months, why the hell is Marjane Satrapi’s Chicken with Plums taking so long to roll out? That looks like a good time at the arthouse, and I’m excited to hear she’s being courted for original films beyond adapting her own comics work.

– I mostly want to avoid posting stories that are all over the Internet, but I’ve been praying too long to the gods of brightly colored cult comedies for another Bill and Ted to not link to any important developments on that front. Dean Parisot is a neat director with a lot of similarly flavored credits, and his involvement, along with the fact that the franchise captains Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson are still the only names attached to the script with the “reboot” label nowhere in sight so far, can only be another step in the right direction.

– AV Club points to a potentially fun documentary on character actor Dick Miller, which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. The donation incentives are stacked high and are a little confusing, but it sounds like they are regularly adding one-of-a-kind signed scripts from Miller’s personal collection to the pot, which is pretty sweet. That will be a great movie if they just let Miller tell his stories and don’t just cut to a lot of animated photographs with narration.

– I’ll probably repost about this closer to next Thursday, but I hope people are getting excited and clearing their calendars for the latest Rifftrax live event, where the Mystery Science Theater 3000 vets will simulcast a brand new riffing of their signature target Manos: The Hands of Fate to participating theaters. A blog post from Bill Corbett confirms that they really do mean “brand new,” going so far as to comb through the original to “flag any jokes that seemed copycat-ish.” Can’t wait.

Today in streams in freebies: Go listen to Ape School’s upcoming sophomore album. I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet but their last one was a great repeater.


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