Routine Check 8/3/12

– New films open today from Broken Lizard (sort of, with The Babymakers) and Fernando Meirelles (360), but they don’t seem to be going over too well. Meirelles’ first two films were so incredible that it’s going to take a long string of failures to kill my curiosity in what he’s up to. I didn’t think Blindness was quite as  bad as its reputation, or at least I remember every punishing moment of it. I guess Rashida Jones’ movie might be worth checking out but it probably won’t reach me for a couple weeks. I’m going to have a hard time paying attention to any new movies until Killer Joe expands to my market. The good news is that Moonrise Kingdom has stayed here longer than almost any indie film we’ve gotten, and I see it’s still doing really well at the box office for that level of release. I don’t completely understand why that movie clicked with general audiences more than his last four but I’ll take it.

– There’s still a lot of Comic Con panel coverage trickling out, and I enjoyed reading about this Roger Corman retrospective with surprise guest William Shatner. I don’t think of the moderator Kevin Smith as being a big film history buff the way a lot of his contemporaries are, but he wisely got Corman immediately talking about his good old days, which is of course instantly fascinating. It’s also the first I’ve heard of him doing a new 3D film (his first, which seems impossible) for Epix called Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader, and probably the last I’ll
ever hear of it as well.

– Speaking of upcoming films, I’m ridiculously excited for The Last Stand, which is both the English-language debut of the great Kim Ji-woon and the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to leading roles in oversized action films. I’m so excited for it that I’ll link to these unnecessary publicity stills, though it’s worth checking out some promising quotes from Arnold about his character, and to just look over that great cast list a few times over.

– Marvel has been announcing new creative teams the past several days for some thinly veiled reaction to the DC reboot they have coming up. Surely the most unexpected of the bunch will be Brian Posehn taking over Deadpool following Daniel Way’s departure. Posehn has written for comics before (with co-writer Gerry Dugan, who’ll be joining him again) but not on anything mainstream, so it’s sort of fun to see his name used as a selling point. I can get behind the idea of handing good comedians (can Kyle Kinane be next?) a flagship title and a big-name artist like Terry Moore (although IGN seems to be guessing on that point), though it will be weird to see someone besides Daniel Way taking the lead on that character after all this time. I’m a little behind on the series, but I always enjoyed it and found it surprisingly close in spirit to The Tick and other funnybooks, which may be why a lot of people seem to hate it. Way also worked on the script for the new Deadpool game that’s coming out, which I’m sure they’re hoping will spike the dwindling interest back to the peak popularity from a couple years ago.

– Wow, I can’t begin to imagine what an Animaniacs burlesque show entails, but I’d try to find out if I was anywhere near it. It’s also interesting to see another, unconnected event based on that show announced just a few days after the live musical event put on by voice actor Rob Paulsen and writer/composer Randy Rogel, which looks like it just went up in podcast form at Paulsen’s site. I’m glad that show still gets attention since it was pretty much my comedy bread and butter from age 10 to 13.

Today in streams and freebies: 1) Netflix turned over a bunch of titles in their Instant service, adding quite a few I don’t think have ever been on there before, like Day of the JackalSabrina, and Heaven’s Gate. They’ve also been getting pretty good at adding new, cult-friendly films like Idiots and Angels (which is excellent) and God Bless America (which I have been impatiently awaiting and can’t wait to play). 2) It looks like you can stream that new Fleetwood Mac tribute album, which boasts a pretty inspired lineup of artists, over at NPR.


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