Comics & Coffee: 8/1/12

The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire

The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire. Click for preview from Top Shelf.

Wednesday is a day to buy new comics and drink coffee.

Lots of good books coming out today. The final issue of Jeff Smith’s interdimensional sci-fi noir opus RASL is a pretty big deal, although I’m guessing a lot of people, myself included, are reading it in the oversized trades and won’t actually read it for a couple of weeks. Also out today are the latest issues of Mind MGMT (Matt Kindt’s intrigue-and-hidden-message-packed spy book), Swamp Thing, Dial H (a weird comic I probably won’t form a concrete opinion on until its inevitable cancellation), The Muppets (Marvel’s effort to push out the last bits of Roger Langridge’s unpublished work with those characters), Green Arrow (which has been getting pretty entertaining since Ann Nocenti took over), and the post-reboot Action Comics (which I’m slightly more interested in now that I know Grant Morrison is preparing for a leave of absence from superheroes soon.) There’s also a couple of potentially interesting new Marvel series kicking off: Hawkeye by the well-liked team of Matt Fraction and David Aja, and First X-Men, featuring art and writing contributions from Neal Adams, who is of course getting hard to gauge at this point in his career. The Beasts of Burden one-shot coming out is recollecting stories from the recent Dark Horse Presents appearances, but anything related to that series is a pick-up for me, and I hope it’s a prelude to more ongoing issues (Evan Dorkin seemed to think so when I talked to him at Heroes Con). The Olympic champ of the week is probably Jeff Lemire, who has new issues of his Sweet Tooth and Animal Man along with his new OGN The Underwater Welder, which seemed to impress the hell out of everybody who hungrily picked it up at Heroes Con.

You can find a full list of releases here, a mess of previews here, and some guided shopping lists here and here.

I pick up my comics from Richard’s in Greenville, SC. Today’s coffee was a red velvet French press I made at home with beans from the local Fresh Market. More comics next week.


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